Who We Are

Mounted police

The Providence Police Department is one of the oldest Municipal Law Enforcement Agencies in the United States, with its origins dating back to the Revolutionary War in 1775, when night watchmen first walked the City and in 1848, with the issuance of the first badge. This continued in 1851, when “Day Men” were instituted citywide, and the city’s first police force was formally chartered in 1864.

Currently the second largest law enforcement entity in New England, the Providence Police Department has evolved into a highly regarded police agency that utilizes the best in technological and human resources to service the second largest populated area in New England.

The motto of the members of the Department is “SEMPER VIGILANS”, a term in Latin that is defined as “ALWAYS VIGILANT”. This belief is exemplified in the Department’s commitment to Community Policing, and its immersion into the various neighborhoods that define our City. The men and women that serve within the Providence Police Department are part of a proud legacy of policing that spans a timeline through three centuries in Rhode Island’s Capital City.

Mission Statement

As the latin phrase “Semper Vigilans” suggests, Providence’s police officers are “Always Vigilant.” Your officers are proud to exemplify a dedication to excellence in public safety that dates back to the colonial era in Rhode Island’s capital city.

Our association’s members work day in and day out to keep this city’s residents, businesses, and visitors safe, and to forge a lasting relationship with the community that we’re honored to protect. We’re only able to do our jobs with the support of the community, and we work every day to uphold the trust you’ve placed in us.

Four police officers on horses

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